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  • Bottle Rocket
    Sunglasses Oakley Bottle Rocket, adjusted mount even small medium face. All versions are with Polarized lens.
  • EyeJacket Redux

    Oakley EyeJacket Redux OO9438 sports glasses inspired by the 1994 EyeJacket classical glasses

  • Clifden

    Ideal Sport Sunglasses Original Oakley Clifden OO9440 Mountain

  • Encoder

    Original Oakley Encoder Sports Glasses (OO9471)

  • EVzero
  • Flak Jacket
    Oakley Flak Jacket sports with easily interchangeable lenses.
  • Field Jacket

    Sports Goggles Oakley Field Jacket OO9402 with advancer system to separate the glass and facilitate ventilation.

  • Flak Jacket 2.0
  • Flak Beta

    Sports sunglasses Oakley Flak Beta Oo9363 with easily interchangeable lens ideal for small face

  • Flak Draft

    Sport Oakley Flak Draft with easily interchangeable lens sunglasses

  • Flak XS
  • Flight Jacket

    Sports Goggles Oakley Flight Jacket OO9401 without frame/mount on top to prevent fogging.

  • Half Jacket 2.0
    Sports sunglasses inspired by Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 with two lens sizes available.
  • Jawbreaker
    Sunglasses Oakley sport sunglasses with interchangeable lenses. Maximum field of view.
  • Kato

    Original Oakley Kato Sports Glasses (OO9455)

  • Kato X

    Original Oakley Kato X Sports Glasses (OO9475)

  • Oakley Mercenary OO9424
  • M2
    Oakley sun glasses sport M2 inevitable evolution Oakley M Frame model
  • M Frame
    Sports Glasses Oakley M Frame with lenses in 5 shapes / sizes and easily interchangeable.
  • Plazma

     Oakley Plazma OO9019 sports glasses

  • Racing Jacket
    Sports glasses with Switchlock exchange system, two pairs of glasses and two pairs of logo. Including fastening tape.
  • Radar
    Glasses sporty style with easily interchangeable lenses. Customizable to your taste with the Oakley Custom Program Gafa.
  • RadarLock
    Sport Oakley RadarLock with Switchlook system for easy exchange of lenses glasses. Evolved from the model Radar
  • Radar EV
    Sports sunglasses Radar EV with two possible forms of lens, Path and Pitch, easily interchangeable lens sunglasses.
  • Split Shot OO9416

    Sunglasses Oakley Split Shot OO9416 Mount specifically designed for water sports (compatible with multiple activities and sports, including day to day) that incorporates a strap (integrated), design compatible with visors and hats and vision peripheral Optimized.

  • Sutro
  • Sutro Lite

    Oakley Sutro Lite OO9463 semi-sports glasses

  • Sutro Small

    Oakley Sutro Small Oo9462 semi-sports glasses

  • Quarter Jacket
    Gafa deportiva Oakley ideal para rostros Juveniles
  • Razor Blades
    Second edition of the known model eyeshade with two sets of rod, curved and straight.
  • Collection Prizm
    Oakley Prizm ™ lenses have been built especially for specific activities and game-changing benefits. PRIZM ™ key visual acuity, improves colour recognition, optimizes your ability to view and track objects in motion, and improves performance and security.
  • Wind Jacket 2.0

    Sport goggles snow/ski Wind Jacket 2.0 (OO7072) with Prizm Lens

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    159,80 € Avaliable

    Evolution of the Oakley Racing Jacketet model.Very compact and enveloping edition, ideal for medium to small face. Not suitable for big face.Edition with Prizm Sapphire lens that improves tones and contrast to better see the details. Prescription Avaliable.

    159,80 €
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    102,20 € Out of stock

    Sunglasses sports almost without frame, of new generation ideal for leisure to high performance.Ultra light (22 gr)and with a wide lens for a greater coverage and feeling of security.Issue with lens-shaped Path Transparent. NOT Photochromic.

    102,20 €
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    109,20 € Delivery time normally between 5 and 9 days.

    Goggles Semi Sports Oakley type mask endowed with great vision and peripheral protection.Very versatile glasses with good and efficient nasal gums.Edition Small with slightly mirrored Prizm Road lens.

    109,20 €
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    Delivery time normally between 5 and 9 days.
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    116,20 € Avaliable

    Evolution slightly mor small of model Oakley Flak Jacket. Easily interchangeable lenses and rubber grip more large. Original box included Oakley. Edition with Prizm Golf lens, mejora el contraste para una mejor separacion de colores y le da  una mejor percepcion de la profundidad para medir la distancia y el estado del cesped.+INFO

    116,20 €
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    49,00 € Avaliable

    Replacement lenses for Oakley Flak 2.0 model in XL (OO9188) form. Made of resistant Plutonite. Easily interchangeable lenses with 100% UVA protectionEdition of Iridium (mirrored) lens with Prizm Golf.

    49,00 €
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    12,75 € Avaliable

    Nasal set (black) + the two original rod rubbers for the Oakley RADARLOCK model (not compatible with Oakley Radar). Black nasals in most cases.

    12,75 €
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    42,00 € Avaliable

    Replacement lenses for Oakley Flak 2.0 model in XL (OO9188) form. Made of resistant Plutonite. Easily interchangeable lenses with 100% UVA protectionEdition of Iridium (mirrored) lens.

    42,00 €
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    8,50 € Delivery time to be confirmed (Greater than 10 days)

    Universal cord to fit the end of the rod to hold the glasses in place. Suitable for glasses with wide rod. Thin rod link.

    8,50 €
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    Delivery time to be confirmed (Greater than 10 days)
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    59,50 € Avaliable

    Lente de repuesto para Oakley Flak Jacket en tamaño XLJ.Fabricada con resistente Plutonite.Lente con Iridium (espejado).Lente Prizm Trail con un ligero espejado, que mejora los rojos y  marrones para que pueda evitar rapidamente la arena, rocas, raices y otras transiciones en entornos de sombras y luz intensa. Ideal Mountain Bike y similar . +INFOTenga...

    59,50 €
    Reduced price!
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    229,50 € New!!! Unconfirmed delivery time

    A new dimension, a new concept.Antifaz type glasses, ultralights, radicals.A frameless glasses, an extended envelope.Edition with Prizm 24k lens that improves the tones and contrast to see the details better.

    229,50 €
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    New!!! Unconfirmed delivery time
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    84,00 € Avaliable

    Replacement lenses for the Oakley Flak 2.0 model XL-shaped (OO9188).Lentes facilmente intercambiables con proteccion UVA 100% fabricadas en resistente Plutonite.Lenses easily interchangeable with protection UVA 100% manufactured in resistant plutonite. Edition of Prizm Lens with a light blue mirror and Polarized. Use caution when attaching/removing...

    84,00 €
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    56,00 € Avaliable

    Lente de repuesto para Oakley RadarLock en forma Path.Lente no valida para Oakley Radar y Oakley Radar EV.Fabricada con resistente Plutonite.Lentes Prizm Road con un ligero espejado.Edicion con lente Prizm Road que mejora la vision en la carretera para que pueda ver los obstáculos como piedras y baches rápidamente y sentirse más seguro mientras...

    56,00 €
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