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  • Bxtr

    Original Oakley Bxtr OO9280 sports glasses.
    BXTR pays homage to Baxter Street, a popular skateboarding spot in Los Angeles where the style and
    Authenticity is always on display, as is this framework.
    This street reaches an inclination of 32%, a barbarity... but a madness of pleasure for some Skates.

  • Bottle Rocket
    Sunglasses Oakley Bottle Rocket, adjusted mount even small medium face. All versions are with Polarized lens.
  • EyeJacket Redux

    Oakley EyeJacket Redux OO9438 sports glasses inspired by the 1994 EyeJacket classical glasses

  • Corridor

    Original Oakley Corridor OO9248 sports glasses, a sports glasses with vocation for daily use, semi air screen type lens and a Semi Sports frame with Retro touches. Nasal and rod gums in Unobtainium for effective grip.

  • Clifden

    Ideal Sport Sunglasses Original Oakley Clifden OO9440 Mountain

  • Encoder

    Original Oakley Encoder OO9471 sports glasses and the new Strike OO9235 Encoder.
    Glasses designed for intense sport in multiple categories. Encoder™ is a sports performance style
    Designed with cap and/or helmet adjustment functionality in mind. The progressive wraparound design creates a unique look with top-of-the-face coverage and an improved field of view.
    The enlarged surround effect of the lens along with tight stiffness and low-profile rods make Encoder™ an excellent choice for a wide range of sports in a variety of light conditions.

  • EVzero
  • Flak Jacket
    Oakley Flak Jacket sports with easily interchangeable lenses.
  • Flak Jacket 2.0
  • Flak XS
  • Flak XXS

    Children's sports glasses Original Oakley Flak XXS.

  • Resistor

    Original Sports Glasses Oakley Resistor OJ9010 ideal for small face, cadet or child.

  • Flight Jacket

    Sports Goggles Oakley Flight Jacket OO9401 without frame/mount on top to prevent fogging.

  • Half Jacket 2.0
    Sports sunglasses inspired by Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 with two lens sizes available.
  • Hydra

    Original Sports Glasses Oakley Hydra OO9229

  • Jawbreaker
    Sunglasses Oakley sport sunglasses with interchangeable lenses. Maximum field of view.
  • Kato

    Original Oakley Kato Sports Glasses (OO9455)

  • Oakley Mercenary OO9424
  • M2
    Oakley sun glasses sport M2 inevitable evolution Oakley M Frame model
  • M Frame
    Sports Glasses Oakley M Frame with lenses in 5 shapes / sizes and easily interchangeable.
  • Plazma

     Oakley Plazma OO9019 sports glasses

  • Racing Jacket
    Sports glasses with Switchlock exchange system, two pairs of glasses and two pairs of logo. Including fastening tape.
  • Radar
    Glasses sporty style with easily interchangeable lenses. Customizable to your taste with the Oakley Custom Program Gafa.
  • RadarLock
    Sport Oakley RadarLock with Switchlook system for easy exchange of lenses glasses. Evolved from the model Radar
  • Radar EV
    Sports sunglasses Radar EV with two possible forms of lens, Path and Pitch, easily interchangeable lens sunglasses.
  • Split Shot OO9416

    Sunglasses Oakley Split Shot OO9416 Mount specifically designed for water sports (compatible with multiple activities and sports, including day to day) that incorporates a strap (integrated), design compatible with visors and hats and vision peripheral Optimized.

  • Sutro
  • Sutro Lite

    Oakley Sutro Lite OO9463 semi-sports glasses

  • Sutro Sweep

    Oakley Sutro Sweep OO9465 Semi Sports Glasses

  • Sutro Small

    Oakley Sutro Small Oo9462 semi-sports glasses

  • Sutro Ti

    Oakley Sutro Ti Original Glasses (OO6013) built with Ultralight and Ultra Resistant Titanium.

  • Quarter Jacket
    Gafa deportiva Oakley ideal para rostros Juveniles
  • Wind Jacket 2.0

    Sport goggles snow/ski Wind Jacket 2.0 (OO7072) with Prizm Lens