Secure payment

We offer secure payment with SSL certificate.



In Center optical Alpedrete not worried about security, so we have the payment gateways on the internet more secure in the world.
In the payment card, the client accesses our Bank (La Caixa) payment gateway with a level of safety similar to when the client enters your own bank.
The method of payment is always the same, the gateway requests data card and "normally" If this secure for internet payment card, the 'unique' pin to the Bank the card sent to the mobile client code at this time or the code pin for purchases on the internet provided by the Bank to secure the card. Depends of how the customer has contracted the card.

What is "secure" a card? 
It is to link their cards Visa and Mastercard-4B a password for exclusive use in Internet shopping. It is password can be a personal message that will have to answer in addition, is to choose a personal message that will always appear on the form which prompted the aforementioned password. 
In other cases for secure card what I do is link the card to a mobile phone and confirm the order by means of an SMS. The method depends on the Bank that the card has contracted. 

Advantages do you have to pay on the Internet with "secured" cards? 
Enter your password for exclusive use in virtual shopping at the time of the payment of a purchase by Internet, guarantees the identity of the buyer. Likewise, to receive the personal message (that only you and the Bank know) on the screen where prompted for password, you acknowledge the legitimacy of the transaction and therefore preventing spoofing. 

What happens if not be "automatic" cards?
For your own safety,In brief, all cards not linked to this new system will be disabled to make purchases on the Internet.

How "secure" your card? 
Depending on the Bank, with which it has contracted to the card, you can do it directly online with your bank, and if your bank does not have this option, through via telephone.


Once the order by selecting bank transfer, will be shown in display and you will receive in the mail a receipt with the account numbers that make income.
These account numbers are:

BBVA: 0182-6394-41-0201501294 
LA CAIXA: 2100 - 2980-07-0200028362 
Banco Popular: 0075-0452-35-0600017309

The concept should include the number of order that comes in the receipt on the top and/or client's name.


Payment cash on delivery not available in series, please refer to about the article you want and we will inform you of the possibilities. The cash on delivery has an extra cost of 3% on the purchase price.


Purchases of high, Center optical Alpedrete reserves the right to request the documents necessary to prove the identity of the payer.