Tips for cleaning and maintenance of your glasses and lenses.

The issue of scratch (relatively easy to scratch) lenses affects all the sunglasses in all brands, it is a question relating to the material with which they are built.

In the case of Oakley, eyeglasses are Plutonite ® (polycarbonate), an extremely impact-resistant material but that does not tolerate scratches. Eyeglasses NEVER cleaned drythey should be cleaned with SOAP and water NEUTRAL (no aggressive product type Fairy, Cif, KH7, or anything like that) and should be dry with chamois Microfiber supplied or bag that is also high quality microfibre.
Napkins, silk scarves, toilet paper, or anything similar should not be used.      

The chamois leather and Microfiber bags, since they are of high quality, are washable, because over time they get dirty and accumulating dust. To wash them you can do it by hand or you get into a shirt or pants pocket to make it in the washing machine. When they lose the smoothness these chamois, would have to renew them; You can find them on sale.

If we did not have a tap by hand and it is necessary to clean the lenses because they were very dirty, typical moisture, does not serve to clean, does not remove the dust, be BLOW STRONGLY both surfaces of the lens, in order to remove the dust particles that have lenses that if we drag them with the Suede, we run the risk of the lenses will scratch.

With respect to other chemicals, ALCOHOL, acetone, type not used under any circumstances since they can damage treatments that carry lenses, also can damage or kill the brightness of glass, damage acetate, and even if used with grilamid crystallize this material and therefore break the glass.

The provider, and as a result Center optical ALPEDRETE, is not responsible for poor cleaning and conservation of the glasses, which we can not process any guarantee that is susceptible to misuse by the customer.