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Oakley Sunglasses for everyday use with unique style.

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  • Actuator

    Original sunglasses Oakley Actuator OO9250.
    Developed with the occasional athlete in mind.
    With a universal round shape, generously sized lenses for wide coverage.
    The rods have an adjustable metal core and the lightweight O Matter™ frame material provides the comfort and durability needed for wherever your sport takes you.
    Nasal with great grip, to keep the glasses in place throughout the activity.

  • Castel

    Original Oakley Castel OO9147 glasses, very enveloping glasses with design inherited from the screens.

  • BatWolf
    Oakley Sunglasses Batwolf model, a model evolved from Oakley Fuel Cell and interchangeable icons. Each goggle includes a couple extra logos.
  • Fives Squared
    Sunglasses Oakley Fives Squared, ideal for small and medium face.
  • Fuel Cell
    Sunglasses Oakley Fuel Cell, evolved iconic Oakley Gascan eyewear model.
  • Gascan
    Oakley Gascan Sunglasses, an essential classic of the collection.
  • Heliostat

    Original sunglasses Oakley Heliostat OO9231.

  • Holbrook
    Oakley Sunglasses, Vintage style glasses designed by world champion Shaun White Snowboarding.
  • Holbrook Metal

    Oakley Holbrook sunglasses Edition Metal OO4123 extremely light

  • Holbrook Ti

    Oakley Holbrook Ti OO6048 Original Glasses built in resistant and lightweight Titanium.

  • Holbrook Mix

    Oakley Sunglasses Holbrook Mix (OO9348) mixes a glass front in OMatter with rods in heavy-duty stainless steel.

  • Holbrook R

    Oakley's most successful model now with rounded form Holbroo R (OO9377)

  • Holbrook XL
  • Holbrook XS

    Oakley Holbrook XS Sunglasses (OJ9007), ideal for small face

  • Jupiter Squared
    Sunglasses Oakley Jupiter Squared, evolved into the sport.
  • Latch
  • Latch Beta
  • Latch key
    Oakley Latch ® Project ™, a style inspired by these goggles.
    Easy-to-wear glasses for all day, tension-resistant or Matter ™ mount material and very light and stainless steel.
  • Leffingwell

    Oakley Original Leffingwell OO9100 Sunglasses

  • NXTLVL Gaming

    Original Oakley NXTLVL OO9249 glasses specific for Gaming and intense tasks with digital devices.

  • Oil Rig Update
    Sunglasses Oakley Oil Rig Update, an unmistakable pattern Oakley.
  • Pitchman R
  • TargetLine

    Sunglasses Oakley TargetLine OO9397 glasses goggles with Caractaristicas of the best sports Sunglasses.

  • Twoface
    Oakley Sunglasses Twoface linking a mount lightweight O Matter with aluminum bottom.
  • Sliver
    Oakley Sunglasses Sliver (OO9262), editing Sliver F equal to Oakley sunglasses but in this case are not folding.
  • Sliver Edge

    Sunglasses Oakley Sliver Edge OO9413 semi-outdoor goggles, semi-sports ultra light.

  • Sliver
    Oakley Sunglasses Sliver (OO9262), editing Sliver F equal to Oakley sunglasses but in this case are not folding.
  • Wheel House

    Original Oakley Wheel House Sunglasses Oo9469.