COOKIES - What are they and what are they good?

It is simply a small piece of text or code that web pages that visit sent to sunavegador, and which in turn are stored in the computer, tablet or mobile depending on the device used.

This stored information allows our website to remember data on suvisita, as the language of preference or other information that you have provided. In this way the cookie information is used by our website to facilitate navigation in suproxima visit and make the site more useful. Some benefits will allow us to customize your content.

Therefore, cookies play a very important role, to improve the experience of the use of the website and of the services that we can offer you.


Our website uses both temporary 'cookies' session as permanent 'cookies'. '' Temporary session cookies are data which stored only while you're surfing the web and permanent 'cookies' only data stored in the terminal so they can be accessed and used in more than one session.

According to the purpose for which that data collected through 'cookies' are addressed, the web can be used:

Personalization cookies:

They allow the user to make use of services of personalized automatic selection of the language, accessyour last selected services or the type of browser.

Technical cookies:

They allow users to surf the web and make proper use of their applications or services. For example identify the session, control data access to the web, viewing and audiovisual content location or use of safety during navigation elements.

Cookies for statistical analysis:

Give us statistical data about what the use and behavior in the navigation of the Web user. In this way we can improve the structure and use internal site for the visitor.

Advertising cookies:

Responsible for properly manage the use of possible advertising that is on the web, as well as to identify the preferences of the user is advertising.

Third-party cookies:

The installed software from third parties such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords.


To navigate through the different pages of our website, we understand that as a user you accept the use of cookies. If you look at the bottom of the web you can see a poster that informs you of this and refer you to our privacy policy.


The use of our cookies is as follows:

-For statistical use of the users who visit the website.

-On that tipor format preferably accessing the web from mobile phones.

-What searches you make on the web and their identification data provided to our services.

-Data from the Google social networking plus, Facebook and Twitter if it comes with them. To perform actions such as share content or indicate that you like.

-Data of type informational surveys on the web or if you display custom within the same ads.

This is for what you use cookies on your browser. If for any reason I would not that the cookies work in your browser, simply would have to access the options of your browser's settings and change the privacy setting of the same, in the Cookies section - permissions.

How to access this configuration will be different depending on which browser is using. If you want to you can learn concrete mode of your browser by doing a simple search from Google.


The data that we ask will be added to a file owned by Grupo optical Mayvision S.L. for the personal and confidential use of our database of users. WILL NEVER SHARE OR COMMUNICATE SUCH INFORMATION WITH THIRD PARTIES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. You can correct or delete such information from our files by simply sending an emailelectronic with the subject: (rectification or elimination) of personal data. Putting the reason in the body of the message and provide the information you would like to modify or delete.


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What not to do on our website:

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