Acetate man
Sunglasses Oakley acetate for man

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  • Trajectory

    Oakley Trajectory OX8171 Graduate Glasses

  • Tensile

    Oakley Tensile OX8170 Graduate Glasses

  • Exchange

    Original Oakley Exchange OX8055 Prescription Glasses.
    Evolved or Inspired by Oakley Currency, the Oakley Exchange model features a mix of O Matter front materials and Stainless Steel rods.
    The relief (B1B) of the rod rubbers stands out.

  • Futurity

    Thank you Miguel, enjoy healthily. The Oakley Futurity, a prescription glasses inspired by the popular Oakley Sutro sunglasses, bold, rectangle-shaped, with its lightweight NanO-Matter™ frame and Unobtainium® TruBridge™ nasal platelet system for a customizable non-slip retention fit.
    Futurity offers unmatched style and comfort. 

  • MetaLink

    Original Oakley MetaLink OX8153 prescription glasses.
    The Metalink model combines a sport-inspired design with a variety of premium materials to give you a style and functionality adaptable to a life in constant motion.
    Evolved from the Crosslink model, it highlights a modern look, front in NanO-Matter, very comfortable and rods in Stainless Steel, comfortable and thin.
    Nasals and rod terminals in Unobtinium, for a perfect fit. 


    Oakley Original CTRLNK OX8059 prescription glasses, from the MetalLink family, renewed with NanO-Matter ultralight front to give strength and durability. The Stainless Steel rods with rubbers in the area of contact with the Ears.
    Nasal and terminal in Unobtainium.

  • Activate

    The Oakley Activate OX8173, a prescription glasses combines a modern shape with an immersive design that creates a look as suitable for work as for sports, with its lightweight NanO-Matter™ frame and Unobtainium's® TruBridge™ nasal platelet system for a customizable non-slip retention fit.

  • Hex Jector

    Original Oakley Hex Jector prescription glasses (OX8032), glasses for all kinds of sports activities.
    Nasal in Unobtainium to keep the glasses in place and ACE-FIT rods with reliefs for a better fit.

  • Centerboard

    With refined details Oakley shows its commitment to the well done, with attention to detail with a comfortable and light shape.

  • Ojetor

    Original glasses for prescription Ojector OX8177, elgante, with sculptural details, slightly rounded lenses. 

  • Port Bow

    Original Oakley Port Bow OX8164 prescription glasses.

    Port Bow calls for a classic form with refined sculptural details almost handmade.
    Comfort and lightness is its best presentation.

  • The Cut

    Original Oakley The Cut OX8058 prescription glasses, inspired by the glasses of the 50s worn by Rock and Roll artists.

  • Dehaven

    Original Oakley Dehaven eyeglasses (OX8054), ideal and successful mix of materials, O Matter front and stainless steel rods.
    Inspired by surfboards.

  • Plazlink

    Oakley Plazlink OX8061 Prescription Glasses is a glasses that takes its inspiration from the Crosslink model and the sports roots of the brand.
    Equipped with terminals in Unobtainium and TruBrigde Nasales for a perfect fit.

  • Holbrook Rx

    Original Holbrook Rx OX5156 Prescription Glasses

  • AirDrop
  • AirDrop XS

    Eyewear for prescription Oakley AirDrop XS (OY8003), rectangular forehead with soft lines, a glass for any occasion. Ideal Small Face

  • Chamfer Squared
  • CrosBlock
    Glasses CrosBlock (OX8027), specialists in Oakley and Ray-Ban
  • Crosslink Fit
  • Crosslink Pitch
    Eyeglasses Oakley OO8037 Crosslink Pitch
  • Crosslink Switch
    Oakley goggle sports view Crosslink Switch with two easily interchangeable supports to accommodate prescription lenses. Ideal for a clip of sunshine and a view.
  • Crosslink XS

    Sunglasses Oakley Crosslink XS OY8002 ideal face small graduate

  • Crosslink Zero

    Crosslink Zero has rods fixed with a non-slip grip of Unobtainium to satisfy the needs of those with active lives, providing ultimate comfort on the go. Two sizes, 56 and 58.

  • Currency
    Oakley glasses graduation Currency mixing a front Ultra lightweight O Matter and metal rods alecion C5.
  • HSTN Rx

    Oakley HSTN OX8139 Prescription Glasses.
    The graduated edition of the HSTN sun model, a fresh version for everyday glasses. Progressive design and characteristics of the collection, large circular lenses and a modernized trigger rod.

  • HyperLink Ox8078
    Gafas de graduado Oakley HyperLink Ox8078 inspirada en el modelo Crosslinkg con lentes cuadradas
  • Litebeam
  • Marshall MNP
  • Marshal XS
  • Milestone XS

    Eyewear Prescription for children, young Oakley Miestone XS OY8004 ideal for small face, youthful face or similar.

  • Pitchman Collection

    Oakley Pitchman Collection, an ingenious mix of O Matter fronts and metal alloy steel and/or carbon fiber rod materials plus HollowPoint screwless temples.

  • Shifter XS

    Glasses for graduated Oakley Shifter XS (OY8001) ideal for face small

  • Wheel House

    Original Oakley Wheel House Sunglasses Oo9469.